123Go Audit is a desktop and mobile application for conducting layered process audits that is specially designed to maximize efficiency and safeguard quality. At 123Go, we believe the auditing process shouldn’t be making you work; instead, we think your audits should be working for you. With a platform that is intuitive, collaborative, and precise, we make sure each and every audit delivers maximum value.

Here’s what 123Go Audit can do for you:
☺ Mobilize the process with our easy-to-use app so anyone can audit, anytime, anywhere.
☺ Craft high-quality questions so you get the most out of every audit.
☺ Ensure company-wide collaboration with simple and effective communication tools.
☺ Generate easy-to-read reports for instant knowledge of completed audits and participating auditors.

These are just a few of the game-changing features of 123Go Audit:
  • Randomized questions actively engage each auditor, eliminating mindless box-ticking.
  • The Question Review Report instantly assesses question quality for maximum clarity and value.
  • Picture-taking encourages closure of issues and better documentation.
  • Scoreboard tracks and displays the number of audits completed by each layer, giving management an instant pulse on audits across departments.