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We Listen

Nothing is more important to us than hearing your point of view. 

This leads to an in-depth understanding of your business and your specific needs.  

We Learn

We realize that success only comes from a collaborative effort. 

Our goal is to adapt and evolve as you do.

We Make a Difference

We will make a difference in YOUR world, so you can make a difference in THE world.

Our Commitment

as simple as ... 


Our Product

Finally a platform that enables truly rapid innovation!

Constructed Solutions

A solution is a collection of tools and processes that accomplish a goal.  Here are a few off the self solutions we've already created.

  • CRM

  • Asset Management

  • Quote Builder

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Compliance Management

  • and more ...


The platform is a 100% browser-based toolbox used to create your own custom solutions without having to touch a line of code or (more importantly) think like a programmer

  • Simple and Sustainable

  • Low Code Builder

  • API and Bots

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Rapid Transformation of Spreadsheet to Enterprise Application 


The solutions and platform are great! But what happens when you decide to scale from hundreds of users to 10's of thousands of users? The architecture of our AWS infrastructure is absolutely a marvel of engineering. It leverages the latest and best practices and data encryption and redundancy.

  • Encrypted data at rest

  • Elastic scaling

  • Intrusion detection & prevention

  • Optimized file delivery

  • Redundant AWS regions and zones

So what's the cost?

Our model:
  • What makes our pricing attractive is we are different than most.

What you pay:
  • The platform is offered via a subscription price starting at $1,200 / month.

  • If you would like us to help you realize your solution(s) we offer our services at a contact rate to help ensure solution success. The costs of these services are variable, but we are competitive with industry norms.

What you get:
  •  The ability to build unlimited solutions and grant access to unlimited people.

  •  A highly sustainable software platform that can grow and adapt with your organization's needs.

  •  The fastest and most rapidly deployable software solution available.

  • The opportunity to work with a team that can help make your software vision a reality.

  • Access to a library of our latest pre-built solutions

  • The ability to quickly adapt.


          We believe that Technology should be accessible to everyone and the more value it brings, the more value it is worth. Therefore, we do not charge you more for the number of solutions you build or how many people have access to those solutions. It doesn't matter if the solution(s) you build on our platform makes or saves you millions of dollars. It doesn't matter if your users are internal employees, customers, suppliers, prospects, robots or the general public. Our pricing model is based on how much those solutions are transacted against and how much data repository usage they consume. This innovative approach to pricing ensures that our customers can be comfortable deploying solutions of whatever scope you desire.​

Contact us for a quote today!

There are many creative ways to learn about 123Go and how it can work best for your organization. 

The Online Help Center

Direct Training

(Billed Service)

Onsite or remote training is available to our customers. These training sessions can be custom tailored to the needs of a given organization. Reach out to us for details to decide if this approach is right for you

User Community

(Coming Soon)

We are establishing a user community site where users can help each other and share recommendations.


Contact Us

Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we'll do our absolute best to support you! Whether you:
  • have questions or comments
  • would like to see a demo
  • need a quote
  • require assistance
please do not hesitate to reach out to us.