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Cloud Applications

User Interfaces & Databases

Audit efficiency from your phone.

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A quick demo of our Audit management solution, made possible with the 123Go.io platform. Come explore what is possible with low-code and a bit of user experience!



Audit Management

Easily define audit scope, enter results on your phone and generate standardized reports

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Quality / Compliance

Tools to address ISO-13485:2016, IATF-16949:2016, ISO-9001:2015 and AS-9100D.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Simply track prospects, opportunities, quotes, proposals and more

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Time & Expense Tracker

Track time and money spent on specific projects

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COVID-19 Restart

· Preparedness and Response plan · Daily health screenings

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Migration Assessment - FREE

A 60 minute discovery session of a legacy application to document inputs, processing and outputs of legacy databases, custom software or legacy off-the-shelf software

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New Application Design

Discuss and design new workflows and/or systems to manage business processes. Walk away with a document containing details and requirements for a new innovation.

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Application Development

Provide requirements and we can build and deliver cloud applications rapidly to transition you away from paper, Excel and/or off-the-shelf or custom software solutions.

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Cloud Platform Features

 Database Builder

Define your data structure, import data, relate data to other data in the system


Low-Code means a software that you can change and adapted with significantly less coding than typically required. This means less time to roll out a solution and lower cost.


Robust API functionality integrated seamlessly into the security model implemented without coding.

 Form Builder & Screen Builder

Rapidly add or alter forms and landing-pages to make the user experience as simple as possible.

 Reporting and Analytics

Very flexible reporting and analytics tools are available within the platform. Or you can connect your organizations Business Intelligence or Analytics tool set to our API to generate insights.

Competitive Comparison

So what is the difference in our approach and how does it differentiate between buying pre-built software or custom developing a solution?

* Technical Debt is the level of effort (and usually money) required to modify a system after it has been rolled out.

About Us

Our Why
We want to replace struggle and frustration within organizations with joy. Our perception of software is that it is often complex, difficult to change, expensive and for lack of a better term "painful". We believe that people know what systems they need to most effectively do their jobs and better their organizations. We believe that if we can empower people to be creators of their own solutions and help them where the water gets too deep (technologically) that we'll all be in a better place.

Our Team
Practically speaking we are a team of people who, while being experts in software development and delivery, desire to solve people's problems with technology. Over the course of our careers we developed, saw and used many software tools and kept on thinking "There must be a better, easier way". The core of our solution has been crafted and refined to keep it simple for human beings to understand the structure of their data. Our goal is not to become an organization that must always step in and guide our customers in how to use our tool. To us, the ability of our customers to become creators themselves and not have to master the ever-changing flow of software technology is success. 100% of our team is U.S. based.

Our Mission
As we look to tomorrow, we are certain that helping humanity understand, control and adapt our technology will far more serve the greater good than just selling a point in time software solution.

Be safe. Be well. Be Happy.

Dominic Rea




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