Other Solutions
Rarely, does a one-size-fits-all approach apply to software in the manufacturing industry. Everyone does things just a little bit differently. This is because people and processes are continuously evolving. In our opinion, what is important is having the capability to evolve efficiently and sustainably. This is the capability that we bring to our clients and that we hope all technology companies focus on.

Below are some examples of solutions that we have built:

- Production parts tracking: Tracking parts as they are processed through a production workflow
- Employee time tracking: Clock in/out of various projects for reporting in the construction industry
- Project management: collecting and reporting on progress toward accomplishing tasks to achieve key deliverables
- IT infrastructure and asset tracking: tracking devices and digital assets by physical or digital storage location
- Requisition management: tracking requests of purchase of goods
- Lessons Learned sharing: based on the outcome of problem-solving activities (such as Corrective Action Reports (CAR)), distribute and engage global teams in
- Training management and tracking: tracking key safety and compliance training for employees
- Employee onboarding: tracking checklists of employee onboarding activities to ensure that employees get everything they need for an effective onboarding experience