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123Go Proprietary Low-Code Core

In brief, it is an innovation machine that multiplies the power of software creators.

In our experience in software creation, there was a tremendous amount of waste being created in software development projects where a large qty of code was being written and then rewritten for each subsequent project. We saw this a lot in enterprise applications where clients would continuously ask for the same features over and over again. It took us time and cost our clients money to create these features in solutions and so we decided to find a platform that would enable us to configure those options/features instead of rewriting them over and over again. What we found was that the platform we were looking for did not exist. The solutions in the market were costly and complex and were frequently much slower than compiled applications (due to the resources required to dynamically render content). So we decided to build a low-code platform that would allow us to configure many of the options/features that clients frequently asked for AND keep it simple and fast..

By leveraging the platform that we created, we can get a quick start on building Minimum Viable Product (MVP) prototypes rapidly to get customer feedback. Then, focusing on high-value improvements we can work with our customers to deliver more refined solutions. This approach also provides a greater ability to our organization to scale and sustain growth.

Key Features:
- Database builder
- User Interface and Form Builders
- Integrated Security Model
- Bots / Scripting
- Customizable Reports
- Mobile renderer