A quick and convenient way to complete an audit. The mobile interface runs on all major smart devices allowing more people to be involved in the audit process. This both cuts down on paper as well as making it quicker and easier for all employees to complete an audit.


Randomized Questions

When the same questions are asked continuously employees may get into a habit of just clicking “yes” or “no” without actually checking to ensure the correct response. The randomized questions features will shuffle and pick from the questions library. Ensuring that new questions are asked each time an audit is completed

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Automated Emails

The new automated email system will send a reminder email to your employees if their audit is yet to be completed. This ensures that audits will be completed on time and likewise cut out the need to track down and remind employees to complete their audits.

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Import Data

Entering data one by one into a website wastes time and money, with 123Go our data upload feature allows new information such as plant names/numbers, employee names, worker ID, or machine lists to be add quickly and effectively into the 123Go web application.

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No one likes to write reports, and the time it takes to render a report can be much better spent elsewhere. With 123Go reports can be easily created from with in the web application. Reports use the data that is collected from your auditors, keeping you up to date on everything that is happening in your facility.

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