Enslaved vs. Enabled by Technology

13 Feb

Time... life's most precious resource. Technology has the power to give us more time. What then is technology that takes time away from us? What happens when:

•Technology becomes a distraction to getting our work done.

•Technology becomes a burden to work with.

•We spend more time staring at technology than we do using our brain to look for opportunities to better ourselves and our environment.

Are we unknowingly enslaving ourselves to technology? It says JUMP and we say, “How high?”. These are the sorts of effects of Enslaving Technology. And I personally do not believe that this will serve humanity well in the long run. We can choose to be masters of technology or be mastered by it.

So what then would Enabling Technology be? I believe any technology that helps you do a job faster so you can get back to being a free human is an enabling technology. It makes you:

•Free to solve problems with and for your organization.

•Free to spend time with your family and friends.

•Free to improve your health and your community.

We humans need more of this kind of technology and less of the technology that consumes our time. If you believe this too, please take some time away from any enslaving technology in your life today and use the time to solve problems, spend time and improve.

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