Advanced Product Quality Planning
We had a client that was struggling with managing their Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process using spreadsheets, email, and shared folders. The design of the APQP solution was built to address the needs of Automotive suppliers providing products to OEM customers. It is intended to organize information and streamline communication and activities around bringing new products to market in the manufacturing industry.

Though the workflow model and record types below show an example of the solution, this is all delivered on our highly flexible platform and so can be tailored or adjusted to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers or theirs.

Example Phases:
1. Initiate
2. Quote
3. Awaiting Award
4. Design Validation (DV)
5. Design Validation Build
6. Process Validation (PV)
7. Launch

- Project phase templates allow teams to build an outline of how they want to manage the various phases of APQP for their organization
- Checklists can be used to define the actions that need to be accomplished to move from one phase to another
- Task records can be assigned to any team members who are responsible for a deliverable in the APQP process
- Meeting records show who attended phase gate reviews and any follow-up action items or resolutions
- Gantt Items identify key tasks or checklist items that should be shown on the APQP Dashboard

Solution Interfaces
- Power user / program manager administrative interface
- Task owners and review/approval responsible interface
- APQP Multi-project Dashboard